About us

LSHTM front door

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has an outstanding reputation as a world leading authority on vector and disease control and has provided a testing service for arthropod control materials for over 20 years.

The testing facility was rebranded as ARCTEC in 2010 after significant investment from LSHTM. This has allowed us to expand our range and scope of services and activities.

The facility is now operated by an experienced team led by Dr James Logan who has over 10 years experience in insect control. Our unique in-house expertise and rigorous protocols ensure that we remain one of the most reputable and competitive institutions for the testing of arthropod control products in the world.

Our aim is to maintain this level of excellence and to continue to provide rapid and extensive services, from product development in the laboratory, to testing in semi-field and field conditions. ARCTEC is an integral part of the Department of Disease Control at LSHTM and through using our services you gain unique access to the expertise and experience of our world-renowned team and facilities.