Mary Cameron

Dr Mary Cameron
ARCTEC Key Advisor; LSHTM Senior Lecturer in Vector Biology

Mary obtained a BSC in Zoology from Bedford College, University of London, in 1983, and a PhD in Entomology in 1987. She originally joined the Department of Entomology at LSHTM in 1984, to study oviposition behaviour in mosquitoes, but later left to take up a post-doc position at the University of Oxford in 1990. After field work on sandfly biology in Peru, and her appointment at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as a Research Fellow, Mary re-joined LSHTM in 1995 to conduct laboratory and clinical trials to reduce house dust mite allergens in homes. Mary's research interests focus on novel approaches for surveillance and the control of medically-important insects and arachnids. She is currently involved in projects investigating (1) the chemical ecology of house dust mites, (2) the chemical ecology of bedbugs, (3) the chemical ecology of Culex mosquitoes, (4) the behaviour of Phlebotomine sandflies,(5) the genetic diversity and chemical ecology of Indonesian screwworms, (6) the effect of latrine building on fly populations in Orissa, India’, and (7) the impact of black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, larvae on faecal reduction in pit latrines. Mary is a key member of the ARCTEC Expert Team.

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