Steve Lindsay

Prof Steve Lindsay
ARCTEC Key Advisor, visiting professor of Public Health Entomology

Steve studies some of the world's most important vector-borne diseases; chiefly malaria. He is a public health entomologist who develops new tools to reduce the transmission of vector-borne diseases. He was a member of the team in the 1980s that showed that insecticide-treated bednets reduced malaria deaths. More recently, his team demonstrated the importance of house screening to reduce anaemia in children, and that larval control can be an extremely effective method of malaria control in specific situations. Steve is a strong advocate of the use of Integrated Vector Management. He has studied vector-borne diseases for nearly 30 years and has worked in The Gambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, many in major international journals. Steve is a key member of the ARCTEC Expert Team and Steering Committee.