Products we test


We can test almost any product, but the most common products we test are:


We are able to test any product designed to repel arthropods. The most common products include formulations, sprays, lotions, wipes, sticks, patches.


The most common insecticidal products we test are: formulations, treated fabrics and textiles (bed nets, clothing and blankets) treated paint and coatings.

Head lice products

We carry out testing of products intended for the treatment or repellency of head lice. Our services include in-vitro testing in the laboratory and full scale clinical trials of repellents, investigational medicinal products and devices.


We routinely test attractants in our laboratory-based behavioural arenas and olfactometers. We also provide extensive testing of new lures and traps for a number of pest and vector insects under semi-field and field scenarios in the UK and overseas.

After-bite products

We provide full clinical trials of creams, sprays, lotions and other products that are designed to treat and/or provide relief to insect bites.