ARCTEC has a wide range of state of the art facilities and equipment. Our insectaries and testing rooms are temperature and humidity-controlled to provide the optimum conditions for rearing and product testing.



    LSHTM holds a unique and extremely valuable collection of arthropods including many species of mosquitoes as well as bed bugs, cockroaches, triatomine bugs, sandflies and house dust mites. We also have access to Culicoides biting midges and other insects.  Many of our arthropod strains have important characteristics (for example, susceptibility or resistance to insecticides) that are essential for the testing of arthropod control products.

    ARCTEC can provide you with mosquito eggs, larvae or adults. Please contact us for further details.


    Field sites & semi-field facilities

    We have unique access to field sites around the world through collaborators in West and East Africa through the Pan African Malaria Vector Research Consortium (www.pamverc.org) and at the Ifakara Health Institute, icipe in Kenya, the MRC field station in The Gambia, and other countries in South East Asia, South America and Europe.



    We have several state-of-the-art laboratories that allow us to do fundamental and developmental work including electrophysiology, HPLC-MS, PCR and much more.

  • Free-flight room

    Free-flight room

    Our unique free-flight rooms allow us to evaluate effective dose and complete protection time of repellent and insecticidal products under a more natural setting. These tests can be particularly useful for evaluation of spatial repellents.

  • Olfactometer


    We have several behavioural arenas and olfactometers to examine fundamental behavioural effects of repellent or attractant products/materials for flying and crawling insects. We have state-of-the-art video-tracking equipment (EthoVision®) which can record and analyse intricate behaviour of insects. This can be a useful service for fundamental studies and for initial stages of product development.

  • Potter Tower

    Potter Tower

    A Potter tower is used for accurate application of insecticides onto substrates or organisms as a direct spray or as a residual film.