Arm in cage

Arm in cage tests are rapid and informative laboratory tests using mosquitoes in a small cage to evaluate effective dose and complete protection time of a repellent product.

Free-flight room

Our unique free-flight rooms allow us to evaluate effective dose and complete protection time of repellent and insecticidal products under a more natural setting. These tests can be particularly useful for evaluation of spatial repellents.

Semi-field free flight

These tests are done in experimental screened houses in field locations, such as Ifikara in Tanzania, to evaluate repellent efficacy and/or complete protection time of repellent products.


Our many field sites around the world allow us to test repellents in appropriate field locations (household or village scale interventions) to evaluate complete protection time and/or effects on disease transmission.


We have a range of laboratory-based behavioural arenas and olfactometers which are designed to test the behavioural response of arthropods to chemical and visual stimuli.We have state-of-the-art video-tracking equipment (EthoVisionĀ®) which can record and analyse intricate behaviour of insects. This can be a useful service for fundamental studies and for initial stages of product development.